• What is a Bridge in Computer Network?

    The computer network is the basis of communication in the field of IT (information technology). These networks are used in different ways by using different types of networks. The connection of a computer network can be done by connecting a set of computers so that the information can be shared. Historically, these networks are broken down into topologies, used for connecting computers. At present, the most commonly used topology is a collapsed ring because, this type of protocol supports the internet, LANs & WANs. Computer networks are used to share information by carrying a large number of tasks. Some of the functions of this network are communication with the help of an e-mail, messaging, video and device sharing like scanners, printers, sharing files, software’s and permitting the users of the network to access and maintain the information easily. This article discusses an overview of a bridge in a computer network.

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    What is a Bridge in a Computer Network?

    Definition: A bridge in a computer network is one kind of network device, used to separate a network into sections. Every section in the network represents a collision domain that has separate bandwidth. So that network performance can be improved using a bridge. In the OSI model, a bridge works at layer-2 namely the data link layer. The main function of this is to examine the incoming traffic and examine whether to filter it or forward it.

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