• Issues with WANs

    When compared with organizational intranets or home intranets, WANs do tend to cost more money to implement and operate.


    For a Wide Area Network that crosses over a multitude of territorial borders or boundaries, there are different legal jurisdictions, and this may lead to ownership disputes regarding network usage and rights.


    Another factor to consider for WANs that may cross over international borders is that a global WAN requires that network cables undersea level need to be used.

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    These can be subject to a range of factors that remain outside of the control of anyone, such as being impacted by the weather, being broken unintentionally by ships, and finally, because of sabotage.


    When compared directly to landlines underground, cables that are under sea level cost more and take a much greater time to repair. When considering the potential impact this can have on a business; it is not a particularly attractive option.

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